MiniMax CU410 Elite Combination Machine


The Elite Series of Combination Machines – Designed to Give You More

The CU410 Elite is a 4 in 1 combination machine incorporating a sliding table panel saw, spindle moulder, 410mm wide surfacer and thicknesser.

SCM Group’s state of the art industrial Structure, such as the company-owned foundry, steelworks and production plants, all combine to make this ultimate combination machine

A specialised group of designers develop the Elite range of machines. With a focus on innovative solutions in a premium machine, this is the MiniMax flagship range.

Standard features include:

  • 2660mm sliding table capacity
  • Spindle moulder with 4 speeds
  • 410mm wide surfacer with oversized working fence
  • 410mm thicknesser
  • 3 x 415v, 5.5hp, 415V 50Hz motors

With a complete range of customisable options, you can tailor your Elite machine to suit you and your workshop.

A 4 in 1 combination machine, including sliding table saw, spindle moulder, surfacer and thicknesser.

Standard Features

  • Cutterblock width 410mm
  • Surfacing tables 2000mm
  • Thicknessing table dimensions 423 x 775mm
  • Thicknessing feed speed 6 & 12m/min
  • Cast iron saw/spindle worktable 1250 x 430mm
  • Tilting sawblade
  • Blade capacity 300mm
  • Sliding table stroke 2660mm
  • Cutting width on parallel fence (ripping capacity) 1050mm
  • 4 speed spindle moulder 3500/6000/8000/10000 rpm
  • 415V, 5.5hp electric motors
  • Exhaust outlet diameter 120mm.
  • 30mm diameter spindle shaft.

Standard Equipment

  • CE safety compliance giving self braking motor on the spindle moulder, additional spindle moulder hood for shaping operations, bridge type surfacer protection, safety interlocks on access doors and ON/OFF activations at operators positions for saw, planer and spindle
  • Anodised aluminium sliding table extrusion (dimensions 2600 x 290mm) sliding next to the sawblade.
  • 3 x three phase motors, 415V 5.5hp.
  • Tersa cutterblock with quick change knife locking system.
  • 120mm diameter extraction outlets on operating groups.
  • Instruction manual including assembly, setup and troubleshooting guides
  • spare parts manual with exploded diagrams of all the machine components
  • Belt driven scoring unit complete with blade. External adjustment, no tooling needed.
  • Preset to accept optional mortising unit.
  • Quick release spindle (interchangeable)

Sliding Table Saw

Extruded, anodised aluminium sliding table (dims 290 x 142 x 2600) sliding on high precision, hardened and calibrated guideways (F550 SX steel). This wide worktable gives great support, even for larger panels and work pieces. Incorporating a self cleaning dustproof design the sliding table is designed to last. The table itself is a ‘honeycomb’ extrusion design to disperse the loadings and distrubute the panel weight evenly.

Scoring Unit

Belt driven scoring unit to reduce chipping and breakout on melamine and veneered boards. 80mm diameter blade with easy adjustment from outside the machine, no tooling needed. The main blade capacity is 315mm, even with the scorer fitted.

Squaring Frame

CU300 Classic

Allows large sheets to be processed single handed. Support is given by the squaring frame, and the sliding table. The panel is pushed up against the cross cut referencing fence. Supplied complete with:

  • 960 x 600mm panel support.
  • Two large flipover stops supplied as standard.
  • Telescopic swinging arm support
  • Extending panel support for wide panels
  • Panel clamp mounted to aluminium sliding table

Cast Iron Worktables and Machine Base

The machine frame and base is manufactured in the SCM groups assembly plants. The base is laser cut from one peice of plate steel. A CNC controlled folding machine than constructs the base. This method guarantees the integrity and rigidity of the machine frame.

The working tables are cast iron. Again this is done in SCM’s own foundry. Having these manufacturing facilities ‘in house’ means the MiniMax machines feature oversized castings with extensive reinforcing. The cast tables are then milled to provide a flat working surface.

Professional Fence:

The MiniMax Professional fence system is designed to make the operaton of the CU410 Elite as quick, easy and accurate as possible. The fences work on the same principle as ’stand-alone’ sliding table saws and planers. The machine is fitted with both a dedicated ripping fence and surfacing fence.

The rip fence has fine adjustment and is slides along its length. Its the perfect height and length – the same as you would find on a panel saw. The surfacing fence is a much longer, taller fence – giving you a large, solid reference point when straightening material.

Xylent Spiral Cutterblock System

The MiniMax Xylent spiral cutterblock system uses rows of square cutter knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other – spiralling around the cutter block.

Each knife has four cutting edges and can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it. The benefits of this system include a better quality of cut, reduced noise emission, improved shaving extraction and less working load on the machine motor

Interchangeable Spindle

The CU300 classic range is fitted with the interchangeable spindle option, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the 30mm diameter spindle shaft. We carry a range of optional interchangeable spindles in stock, including a unit to take 1/2 router collets. By purchasing the router collett spindle you can utilise all your existing 1/2 shank tooling.