Minimax SC4E Sliding Panel Saw


Solid cast iron saw unit with double trunnions and independently adjustable scoring unit. Same 1270 mm rip capacity and micro-adjustable rip fence as all other Minimax sliders. With 2600mm sliding table. Our #1 selling sliding table saw.

A perfect cut result is guaranteed by the saw unit constituted by a mighty, cast-iron structure. Great workpiece stability during machining with the large squaring frame, dimensions 1100 x 650 mm. Customisation for every use with an anodised aluminium sliding table 2600 mm stroke.

The elite series has proven itself in Australian cabinet shops for many years. With features normally found on much more expensive machines, the MiniMax SC4E can be yours for a fraction of the cost. See for yourself why the SC4 Elite 2600mm machine stands in a class of its own.

Standard Features:

  • Aluminium sliding table 2600mm stroke
  • 300mm blade capacity
  • Scoring saw on the independent motor to minimise chipping and breakout.
  • 1270 mm ripping capacity to the right of the blade
  • 240V, 3hp Single phase motor

Stability and Rigidity 
The new saw unit closed loop structure is made of heavy cast iron and is supported firmly under the table by two lateral supports in a crescent shape. These solutions give strength and rigidity, guaranteeing perfect cutting results. The saw unit is equipped with a scoring blade for perfect cutting even on veneered panels. The scoring blade is with an independent motor 0.75 HP (0.55 kW). The maximum diameter allowed for the main saw is 315 mm with a scoring blade mounted.

Precise and Silent
Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the sliding table 360 mm wide. Exceptional precision and smoothness: to secure the guides it is not used glue since the thickness could affect sliding. They are secured with a procedure of aluminium riveting.

Large Squaring Frame:
Panel loading is easy on the large squaring frame with an idle roller at the end. The telescopic squaring fence with two reversible stops can be used to square panels measuring 3200 mm and for mitre cuts at up to 45° on both sides of the frame.

Standard Features:

  • Blade capacity 300mm
  • Blade tilting 90 to 45 degrees
  • Max saw blade diameter (with scoring saw installed) 300mm
  • Squaring stroke 2600mm
  • Ripping capacity 1270mm
  • 3hp, 240V single phase motor
  • Cast iron worktable dimensions 840 x 560mm