MiniMax FS30 Classic Combination Surfacer Thicknesser


The Minimax 300mm Capacity Surfacer Thicknesser That Sets the Standard

Proven over many years the Classic range of surfacer thicknessers from MiniMax are engineered to give you a clean, neat finish.

The Classic range gives you large straightening and machining capacities, without taking up a great deal of workshop real estate.

  • 300mm cutter block width
  • 1510m surfacing table length
  • 230mm thickness depth
  • 3hp, 240v, single-phase motor

The electro-welded base and large cast-iron worktables give this machine extreme rigidity – all equalling a smooth, trouble-free cut.   The tersa block gives quick knife changeover times and the extended worktable give you great straightening capacities.

The feed system of helicoidal infeed roller and lightly knurled outfeed roller gives you positive, consistent feed through the cutter block

The optional mortiser with Westcott chuck makes the FS30 Classic even more versatile again.  The mortising table is removable, again as a space-saving feature.

Standard Features:

  • 300m surfacer working width
  • 1510mm surfacing tables
  • Thickness table dimensions 300 x 585mm
  • Feed speed 7m/min
  • 230mm max thickness capacity
  • 3mm minimum thickness capacity
  • 3hp 240V single phase motor

Surfacing Fence

Extruded anodised aluminium fence 1300mm length. Tilts from 0 through to 45 degrees. The cast locking mechanism features two oversized handles, ensuring it locks in place securely on the table.

Xylent Spiral Cutterblock System

The MiniMax Xylent spiral cutterblock system uses rows of square cutter knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other – spiralling around the cutter block.

Each knife has four cutting edges and can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it. The benefits of this system include a better quality of cut, reduced noise emission, improved shaving extraction and less working load on the machine motor

Thicknesser feed system

The unique feed system gives a positive drive through the thicknesser. The infeed side features antikickback fingers, followed by a helicoidal machines feed roller – this gives a smooth, even feed rate through the machine. The outfeed roller features very fine knurling to ensure a positive drive out of the cutter block.

Cast iron tables

The machine frame and base are manufactured in the SCM groups assembly plants. The base is laser cut from one piece of plate steel. A CNC controlled folding machine than constructs the base. This method guarantees the integrity and rigidity of the machine frame.

The working tables are cast iron. Again this is done in SCM’s own foundry. Having these manufacturing facilities ‘in house’ means the MiniMax machines feature oversized castings with extensive reinforcing. The cast tables are then milled to provide a flat working surface.

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