MiniMax FS41E Combination Surfacer Thicknesser



  • 410mm useful working width
  • 2,000mm surfacing table length
  • 230mm thickness depth
  • 3hp, 240v, single-phase motor
  • Bridge type protection

Perfect Finishing

The planer unit stands on cast iron supports. The standard version has an 87 mm diameter Xylent spiral knife cutter block with 3 series of knives.

The 3 spiral knives give an exceptional finish. Reduced noise during machining provides a more comfortable working environment. Dust extraction is improved with the production of very small chips. Each cutter has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn, increasing the production life of the cutter block before knives require replacement.

For an impeccable finish, the pressure of the thicknesser feed rollers can be adjusted according to the type of wood machined.
The infeed roller has a helicoidal profile to guarantee firm and constant workpiece feed, while the outfeed roller, in sandblasted steel, maintains the perfect post-processing finishing.

The MiniMax FS41E has an additional overturning fence for processing of thin workpieces.

Xylent Spiral Cutterblock System

The MiniMax Xylent spiral cutterblock system uses rows of square cutter knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other – spiralling around the cutter block.

Each knife has four cutting edges and can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it. The benefits of this system include a better quality of cut, reduced noise emission, improved shaving extraction and less working load on the machine motor.

Specification Sheet

  • Surfacing tables total length of 2,000 mm
  • Dedicated surface planer fence (dimensions 1,200 x 150 mm)
  • Thickness table dimensions 423 x 775 mm
  • Xylene spiral knife cutter block with 3 series of knives
  • Wheels for machine movement
  • The numerical readout for thickness table positioning
  • Additional overturning fence for processing of thin workpieces
  • Single-phase motor 2,2kW (3hp) 50Hz