Minimax E10 Hot Melt Contour Edge-Banding Machine

dge banding with hot melt glue on edges in rolls and strips on shaped panels.
Simply essential and functional. Designed to be an economic, reliable and practical machine for the edge banding of straight and shaped panels.


Glueing the most critical edges without compromise.
The Teflon-coated glue pot, positioned under the work table, with continuous glue circulation avoids burning of the glue. It is possible to adjust the quantity of the glue to be applied on the edge.

No surface damage to the workpiece during machining.
Easy machining with the special anti-scratch phenolic multilayer work table with modular holes complete with panel supports.

Front extension.
It allows an easy movement and the support of large dimensions panels (option).


Technical data

e 10    
Min. - max. edgebanding thickness mm 0.4 - 3
Min. and max. edgebanding height mm 12 - 84
Min. - max. panel height mm 8 - 80
Min. panel length/width mm 210/50
Minimum internal radius (concave), 0.4 mm thickness mm 25
Minimum external radius (convex), 0.4 mm thickness mm 5
2 feed speeds m/min 4 - 8
Single-phase motor Hp 4