Minimax S45N Bandsaw


The Best Value Bandsaw from Minimax.

Fitted with a large, oversized worktable, the precise movements and modern design have made the S45N the reference point

  • 450mm diameter wheels
  • 3hp, 2.2kW 240V motor
  • 440mm cutting width
  • 300mm cutting width

The integral parts of this bandsaw are what sets it apart. The cast iron wheels and worktable guarantee a solid working platform. Combine this with the high precision top and bottom blade guides (fully adjustable) and you have a machine that gives a beautiful, true cut. A large anodised aluminium fence gives a solid reference point when sawing.

Specification Sheet

The MiniMax S45N1 heavy-duty bandsaw

  • Cast iron worktable dimensions 600x520mm
  • Worktable height from floor 900mm
  • Cast iron saw wheel diameter 450mm
  • Max cutting height 300mm
  • Max cutting width 440mm
  • Worktable tilts to 20 degrees
  • Exhaust outlet diameter 120mm
  • 3hp, 2.2kW 240v motor
  • Telescopic blade protection with rack
  • Saw blade tensioning indicator
  • Top and bottom precision blade guides.
  • Cleaning brush on the bottom wheel.
  • Safety microswitches on the doors.