MiniMax SC2 Classic Sliding Table Saw


A compact panel saw with a long list of standard features.

An aluminium sliding table right next to the main blade, a scoring saw fitted standard, large ripping capacities and upgraded rip fence and cross-cut fences. This machine takes up little workshop space, but still handles any panel or solid timber sizing you need.

  • Aluminium sliding table 1660mm stroke
  • 300mm blade capacity
  • Scoring saw to minimax chipping and breakout.
  • 900mm ripping capacity to the right of the blade
  • 240V, 3hp Single phase motor

The perfect sliding table saw when you need accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

The large aluminium sliding table combined with the support table makes it easy for you to handle large sheet sizes – ensuring you get precise cuts with a great finish.

Standard Features:

  • Blade capacity 300mm
  • Blade tilting 90 to 45 degrees
  • Max saw blade diameter (with scoring saw installed) 300mm
  • Squaring stroke 1660mm
  • Ripping capacity 900mm
  • 3hp, 240V single phase motor
  • Cast iron worktable dimensions 1020 x 325m

Sliding table

Extruded, anodised aluminium sliding table (dims 270 x 124 x 1600) sliding on high precision, hardened and calibrated guideways (F550 SX steel). This wide worktable gives great support, even for larger panels and workpieces. Incorporating a self-cleaning dustproof design the sliding table is designed to last. The table itself is a ‘honeycomb’ extrusion design to disperse the loadings and distribute the panel weight evenly.

Scoring unit

Belt driven scoring unit to reduce chipping and breakout on melamine and veneered boards. 80mm diameter blade with easy adjustment from outside the machine, no tooling needed. The main blade capacity is 315mm, even with the scorer fitted.

Squaring Frame

Allows large sheets to be processed single-handed. Support is given by the squaring frame and the sliding table. The panel is pushed up against the crosscut referencing fence. Supplied complete with:

  • Panel support.
  • Two large flip over stops supplied as standard.
  • Swinging arm support
  • Extending panel support for wide panels
  • Panel clamp mounted to the aluminium sliding table


Slides on a large machined round bar, 45mm diameter – guaranteeing uniformity along with the full 900mm rip capacity. The fence is locked into position via a cam system and includes a micro-adjustment know to allow you to make fine movements to the fence.

The fence itself is mounted on a large cast mounting. It is anodised aluminium, giving smooth workpiece feed.

Cast iron worktables and machine base

The machine frame and base are manufactured in the SCM groups assembly plants. The base is laser cut from one peice of plate steel. A CNC controlled folding machine than constructs the base. This method guarantees the integrity and rigidity of the machine frame.

The working tables are cast iron. Again this is done in SCM’s own foundry. Having these manufacturing facilities ‘in house’ means the MiniMax machines feature oversized castings with extensive reinforcing. The cast tables are then milled to provide a flat working surface.

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