Minimax T45W Classic Spindle Moulder


A spindle moulder designed for the artisan – the MiniMax T45W classic

A machine dedicated to moulding, profiling and tenoning – ideal for both DIY woodworkers and craftsmen.  Standard features include everything you would expect from an Italian designed, engineered and manufactured machine.

  • Large cast iron worktable
  • 1 1/4 inch diameter spindle
  • 3 spindle speeds 3500/7000/10,000rpm
  • 5kW, 415V electric motor
  • Interchangeable spindle
  • Tilting spindle 90-45º

The MiniMax T45W classic is a versatile spindle moulder in a small, compact package.  Fitted standard with a sliding table, this machine is ideal for both tenoning and profiling.

The spindle unit is a cast-iron structure.  The internals of the machine is enclosed by a cast-iron gate to protect the mechanical and electrical components from sawdust and shavings.   The machining is precise and safe, due to the fine fence adjustments complete with both vertical and horizontal hold-down clamps.

Technical features:

  • Max usable spindle length 100mm
  • Spindle Moulder speeds 3500/7000/10,000rpm
  • Max tool diameter when profiling 210mm
  • Max diameter of tool lowered under table 180mm
  • 415V, 5kW, 6.6hp motor
  • 1 1/4 inch diameter spindle shaft
  • Interchangeable spindle
  • Tilting spindle 90-45º

Standard Equipment:

  • CE safety compliance
  • Aluminium fences
  • Extruded anodised aluminium sliding table sliding on high precision guideways. dimensions 270mm x 125mm x 1000mm.
  • Mitre fence with support table, including a telescopic fence with two retractable stops. (not included when upgrading to full support table
  • Control panel on the front of the machine
  • Instruction manual including assembly, setup and troubleshooting guides
  • Spare parts manual with exploded diagrams of all the machine components

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